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100% Customer Satisfaction


Solve Problems

• When we responding to a customer complaint we  always begin by assuring the customer that we will fix their problem. This immediately removes the adversarial relationship that can lead to messy and expensive confrontations.

Always Offer Choices

• We offer our customer three or more possible solutions, so that they feel included in the eventual resolution.

Avoid Refering to Policy

• We never answer a question by telling the customer something is “company policy.” All responses make logical sense to both us and the customer. If we can’t reasonably explain the company policy, either we acquire more information or the company policy is changed such that everyone is happy.

Go Above and Beyond Expectations

• Our object of problem resolution is not to “satisfy” the customer but to “amaze” them by going above and beyond their expectations.

Turn Lemons Into Lemonade

• We strongly belive mistakes and problems always result in opportunities to create long-term loyal customers by exceeding expectations.

Attempt to Transform Them

•We strongly belive that transforming an “angry” customer into an enthusiastic advocate is always worth the cost.

Offer Compensation

•We strongly belive that resentment felt by an inconvenienced or frustrated customer can be transformed into gratitude and long-term loyalty by a small compensation offer – especially when the customer realizes that the circumstances were beyond our control.